Operation Unfathomable

underworld ranger v2 72dpi

Above is an illustration for Jason Sholtis’ “Operation Unfathomable” book to be released later this year by Hydra Collective. I was lucky enough to be tapped by Jason to provide some art for the book  — I think Chris Brandt and Jason himself are also illustrating the book along with other people— but the book is going to be great. The above illustration shows an ‘Underworld ranger’ discharging his lightning pistol at a perfidious mind-bat while another ranger reels from the psychic attack they have already suffered — all creatures and situations from the dark corners of Sholtis’ fertile imagination.

AFAIK, the Operation Unfathomable kickstarter is closed but you can probably get the book through other channels after it is finished; see the Hydra Collective website for more details.

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  1. Stephan that is awesome!

  2. ClawCarver says:

    Great stuff. I really like the “psychic smoke ring” effect.

  3. […] Unfathomable” book to be published soon by Hydra Cooperative. See here and here and here for more […]

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