“Dagon” out of stock

Dagon p10a

Many thanks to everyone who bought a copy of “Dagon” (either via mail or at Gencon).

I’m suspending sales until I can get more copies printed. The reprint will cost more — I think I priced it too low (after printing and postage, unless I am selling literally thousands of copies I don’t make enough back to pay myself more than a few cents an hour) but I learned a lot from this one and am looking forward to creating another book in the future. Various classic tales of horror are under consideration.

I’ll also be collaborating with some other artists on a comic book in the future — more about that when I have more to tell.

Above is an image from Dagon that didn’t make the final cut. Originally, I had Dagon sporting an erect penis when he (it?) embraced the monument but then I decided that although it was disturbing, it was kind of contrary to the spirit of Lovecraft’s story, and, as far as I know, fish don’t have penises. The version in the book does not have sex organs.

2 Comments on ““Dagon” out of stock”

  1. mikemonaco says:

    Congrats on selling out!
    Er, you know what I mean.
    But damn you for making me “Do fish have penises” at work LOL

    • Stefan says:

      Yeah, I finally looked up “how do fish have sex” and found out they are a lot more varied than mammals in this way. Some of them seem to have a small appendage down there that is sort of like a penis but, as far as my quick google search tells me, it’s not really a penis. Which makes me wonder about mermaids (and mermen) — are they mammals? Like whales or porpoises or seals? Or are they fish? Most of them seem to have scales, which make me think ‘fish’ but they also have breasts and hair on their heads… very confusing. I’ll have to get out the Ouija board and contact Pliny the Elder for an answer.

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