IMG_0049 About a year ago I did a 20 page comic based on the Lovecraft story, “Dagon” but never managed to place it in any publication. This year I’m bringing a box of original art for sale to GenCon (in Indianapolis Aug 17-20), so I made a few improvements to the comic, added a cover and I printed up about 100 digest-sized copies of the book which will be for sale at the Goodman Games booth in the vendor hall. Currently they need folding and stapling… I need to get that done along with a few more commission works before I can go to Indianapolis. No rest for the wicked.

I wanted to offer something a little less expensive other than the original drawings that will also be for sale there (original art is probably out of a lot of people’s budget (including my own — no one is as cash poor as an artist — most of the original artworks I own have been gifts or exchanges from other artists)). I’m still figuring out the cost — but if it works and people like it, I’ll try to get together with a better printer for future editions and up my game a little as a ‘zine’ style comics publisher. The book is 20 pages, digest sized, black and white art.

‘Dagon’ is a story that Lovecraft wrote in 1916 and first published in 1919. I felt it necessary to make a few small changes in order to make it work as a story in visual rather than prose form… Lovecraft purists should consider themselves forewarned!

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