Forbidden Caverns of Archaia

forbidden caverns Hold the Line 72dpi

Here’s something I did a while ago for Greg Gillespie’s “Forbidden Caverns of Archaia” project. I just got the pdf — a pretty sweet looking book. Not sure when the print version is out. This is the only drawing I have in the book, but this one drawing is in good company with work by Cory Hamel, Scott LeMien, Peter Pagano, Mark Pagano, Jim Holloway, Russ Nicholson, Brothers Fraim, Stuart Robertson, Matt Ray, and Carl MacIntyre. Cover is by Erol Otus!

The character drawings are based on characters I drew for Greg’s “Barrowmaze” project. One of my favorites is the guy with the ‘goalpost’ helmet (who was based on the memory of watching the BW movie, ‘Alexsander Nevsky” late one night). The bugbears are modeled on lead figures that Greg had commissioned for Barrowmaze.

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  1. Brock Savage says:

    Hey man, I dig your work in Barrowmaze. It’s good to see you were involved in the Forbidden Caverns.

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