More “People of the Pit”

pop10 and 11

I’ve been working on other things… I swear… I’ve also been working nights in the ‘straight world‘ and trying to keep head above water and soul and body together, but here is a still unfinished 2 page spread for “People of the Pit.” The pit seems to be all I post about on this web page these days.

I’m not convinced yet by the city in the lower right hand corner — not weird enough. But if you have ever read Merritt’s original story, translating what he terms the city into an image is hard, so I may have to take another run at it (this is try #2). Think I have to rework that and fix some things but like the overall composition and the way the 4 panels fit together and mirror each other.

It feels strange to say it, but for the first time in my life I feel like I might be an artist. I’m not claiming this work is the apex of artistic achievement (I’m certain it isn’t). I just feel like my own relationship to my work is evolving. I’m more interested in what I will do next and feeling less desperate about my talent and vision.

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