Angels, Daemons & Beings Between V2

Angels, Daemons & Beings Between V2 from Shinobi 27 games has finally been released via the RPG Now webstore! I’m excited because it is a unique book for players of the Dungeon Crawl Classics roleplaying game from a 3rd party publisher and I was asked to contribute artwork by James Pozenel and David Fisher.  Available in both pdf and hardcopy.

p108 72dpi

volundrar p86

One of the things in this book that players of the DCC game will appreciate is the innovative ‘patron revelation sheets’ that players can print out and use to track the changing powers of their characters as the relationship with their patron evolves (don’t worry if all of this doesn’t make sense to you — it’s game nerd stuff and unless you play DCC, you don’t need to know it). I provided illustrations for several different spells, powers and effects and 4 different border ‘marginalia’ for the patron sheets. Sample of one of the sheets below:

Patron Rev 4 text 72dpi

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  1. Krim Glue says:

    Holy Sh$%! A King Ju reference ! how the hell did that catch up across the Atlantic ?!
    You’re gold Stefan, raw friggin’ gold.
    Keep up the awesome work ! >:)

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