Ship cut-away drawing

ship v3 72dpi

Part of a work-in-progress for a diagram describing the layout of a lanteen rigged caravel that sails the seas of a fantasy world. I’ve always loved cut-away views of buildings, ships and similar things as a means of visually understanding historical things like ships, fortresses, etc. The hull of this ship is expanded vertically, making the distance from the keel to the main deck appear greater than it might be in a blueprint of a similar ship. This distortion was necessary in order to show all of the rooms and passages in relationship to one another. One of the purposes of this diagram is to show the reader how one gets around the ship… for instance, in order to get from the galley(13) to the captain’s stateroom(5), one needs to take the stairs up to 10, pass through the door to the hallway leading to 8, take another stair up to 4, then pass through the door between 6 and 7 to get to the stateroom (5).

Sailing enthusiasts will probably take issue with the liberties I have taken in portraying the rigging. In my defense, a) I’m not being paid enough to research a 100% accurate ship, b) If I drew every rope and pulley accurately, I would miss my deadline by about a year, c) it’s a fantasy ship, so of course there are differences between this and historical ships, and d) I wanted to give the critics an opportunity to show off their knowledge of the rigging of 15th century Portuguese historical ships by giving them something to criticize.

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  1. Adrienne Burke says:

    I would love to purchase a copy of this for my classroom. We are doing an PBL (project based learning) unit on Early Explorers and the cut away diagram would add a lot to our discussions and curiosity! Please let me know how I can get a copy and what the price would be.

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