Ivan Albright


Just returned from Chicago where, among other things, I saw about 20 paintings by Ivan Albright at the Chicago Art Museum. Albright’s work is about as different from my own as I can imagine, but these paintings were probably some of the most inspirational things I have seen in a museum so far this year. Above is “Picture of Dorian Grey,” made for a 1945 film. An artist friend told me that looking at these paintings made him feel high — I loved them but after a while I had to stop looking and go and digest what I had seen.

Albright apparently spent between 2 years and 10 years on a single painting — which is difficult for me to imagine, but also kind of throws down the gauntlet. If I was willing to invest so much more time in a single painting, painting and repainting till I got it right, what would I have? In contrast, I feel like I rush through the creative process… usually chasing deadlines. I want to try to slow down and take more time… become more deliberate.

More info from The Chicago Sun Times.



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