Goodman DCC Annual

sword collection

Years ago I did 8 drawings of fantastic and fantasy swords for Goodman Games for a project they called “The Annual.” I had a lot of fun drawing these; here are a few of my favorites from that series. The “Annual,” however, failed to come out years after year and became a running joke… “This time we are serious… it comes out this year… no, next year, no, sorry, the year after that,”  and so on.

Well, supposedly the wait is over. Goodman has just announced the Annual is finally coming out so these drawings of swords (along with some other illustrations) will finally see the light of day. Check out the Kickstarter. I’m writing this on day 2 and it’s already 150% funded… so I guess everyone else out there on the internet is as ready to see this thing in print as I am…

annual kickstarter

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