Wizard’s Laboratory

Wizard laboratories seem to be a thing in my illustrations recently. I drew one a while ago and I just finished this one as well. This is drawn on a “grey tone” paper (it really looks more tan than grey, but all tones are grey in greyscale reproduction) and then I went in with a thin green/blue wash for the darker areas and china white for the lighter areas. Even though it will be printed in greyscale, I like the way it looks in color:

emirkol color 72dpi

The black area in the upper left corner is for text. Here’s how it looks in grey:

Emirkol was framed greyscale 72dpi


2 Comments on “Wizard’s Laboratory”

  1. John S. says:

    The grey/blue-green/white looks fantastic!

  2. paulgorman3000 says:

    Yeah, the magic glow really pops on the tinted one.

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