Historical Hats of Korea

I have been watching Kingdom and I hardly know what to think other than to say that the Koreans in this show wear some of the most interesting and impractical looking hats for the Zombie apocalypse. If you haven’t checked it out yet, Kingdom is a zombie apocalypse TV show set in what I think is the 15th century in Korea.

My attempts at sketching some the hats during the show:

korean hats05



One Comment on “Historical Hats of Korea”

  1. The court hats and outfits in that series are great! You can see that they’re not that impractical, being securely strapped on over a skullcap.

    The period is the start of the late Joseon dynasty, just after the Japanese invasion (late 1500’s AD). Kingdom does take a few liberties with the historical plague that was recorded in that time …

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