Cadaver Canyon

final with title

Recently completed cover for Purple Sorcerer Games… the flaming warthog god watches another gang of hapless adventurers get washed down the gullet of Cadaver Canyon.

Void Machine

p1 bk 2 72dpi

Recent work. Pen and ink and ink washes.

I was planning to go to NTRPG next week but financial constraints make that impossible.

the enemies (W.I.P.)

p16 and 17 bw 72dpi

Work in progress for another recent Goodman Games thing. This is a 2 page spread with “heroes” on the left side and “monsters” on the right side. A big block of text goes in the middle.

I’ll be out of town for about a week — art updates will resume then.

tree 2019


Above is a recent ink drawing of mine… just a small study of some weird tree branches.

Old School Essentials

old school essentials

Recent work for Necrotic Gnome’s kickstarter (link). This is one of 2 cover paintings I did for Necrotic Gnome.

Lucky Dice

p2 inside front cover lucky dice 72 dpi

I’ve been fairly jammed up lately with trying to catch up on a backlog of requests and work and some other tasks. Here is a recent BW illustration of gambling adventurers… I wonder what the stakes are?

Pit Fiend

p23 warrior inside back cover 72

More work in progress.

Toad Licker

toad licker color 72dpi

Been a while since I updated. Still working on variations of the ink technique. The above illustration would probably be reproduced in grayscale (see below), but I still think it is interesting to see the color version.

toad licker bw 72dpi

The above drawing is a revisit of a similar drawing from  years ago:

24 toad licking conquistador


p 140 and 141 72dpip 146 and 147 72dpip138 and 139 72dpip142 and 143 72dpi

Book Magic

p133 books annual 72dpi.jpg

p134 to 135 72dpi