Part of a larger whole of a recent image. Hope to see this in print in the next six months or less. Something about this face reminds me of the Elmer’s glue mascot.


Or maybe not.


Epsilon City 2017

AAA Epsilon City p 258 72dpi

AAA Epsilon City p272 72dpi

back of box plain 200dpi.tif

Here are three images from Goodman’s “Epsilon City” boxed set published for Metamorphosis Alpha in 2017,

Doorway 2017

e proof

Anyone else have a godawful cold right now? Here is another work in progress – close to finished, probably. The white square in the center is for a block of text.


elves and iron larger 72 dpi

Recent illustration for Goodman Games Gazette.

Xmas 2017

krampus card front 72dpi sm

I didn’t grow up with Krampus, but kind of wish I had. What says “Merry Christmas” quite like a giant hairy demon with a pendulous tongue shaking chains, abducting children and lashing people with birch branches?

2017 Holiday Adventure

I was recently tapped to do the cover for Brendan Lasalle’s 2017 X-crawl Holiday adventure for Goodman. Baby New Year:

cover art small 72dpi

More comics w.i.p.


Work continues, as time allows, on ‘The Stone God’ for “Underground Comics.” First pass inking is about 1/2 done — then I go through again and make corrections/changes/etc.

In the past I would add dialogue balloons and captions as I went along… pencilling and inking them with the rest of the art. This time I am trying to add them later. It is all a learning process.