Blood, Death and Tourism


Gabor Lux, the premier publisher of OSR stuff from Hungary, has just announced the publication of Echoes from Fomalhaut #3 available via his online shop. Cover and interior illustrations by me plus art from Denis McCarthy and text by Gabor Lux. See the great wheel crushing its followers into paste! Gasp in horror at the winged apes as they rip feckless sightseers limb from limb! What lies behind ancient but curiously intricate portals in the depths? Gabor is your guide — pack your bags and update your protective orisons — the journey of a lifetime awaits!

Search for the Orb 2

orb color v2 72dpi

WIP – search for the orb

cover scan pencil v2_comp 72dpi

Bride of Frankenstein

2page composite color 72dpi

Recently completed 2 page spread for an upcoming Goodman release. It’s not really “Bride of Frankenstein” but for this illustration, a visual reference to the 1935 film seemed appropriate. Ink, gouache and prismacolor on toned paper.


Here is a map recently completed for a future Goodman publication.  My map technique is evolving… some of the characters from the margins (or their cousins) are making guest appearances from Bruegel engravings that I have been looking at lately. “Buzzard Hollow” is a rural location filled with wise old characters, independent minded back country folk and half remembered myths and legends, all from the fertile imagination of Michael Curtis.

buzzard hollow color 72

Working artist

hand eye

Art Stuff: In the above picture, you can see traces of the “non-repro” blue pencil I sometimes use in my ink drawings. When I was showing my work at Gen-con, a lot of people asked about the blue pencil marks obvious in some of my originals. Staedtler (and a few other manufacturers) make a pencil in a useful pale blue color (Staedtler calls it “non-repro blue” because this particular color did not show up very well when scanned on old fashioned copiers… most modern scanners pick it up pretty well but it is easy to select and eliminate after scanning). Since I am not always good at erasing stuff, I like the pale blue pencil since it’s easier to drop it out in scanning, and, if I don’t press too hard, it doesn’t show up in a grayscale scan at all. Unfortunately, the non-repro blue pencil isn’t made of conventional graphite, so it doesn’t draw as easily as regular pencils and it has a somewhat waxy consistency… if I get too heavy handed with it, it can even create a waxy buildup on the paper that repels the ink. In addition, the blue pencil doesn’t come in different grades… for drawing, I like to use a combination of 2h (a hard pencil) and HB (a fairily soft pencil) as well as my old standard, the “number 2 pencil” that everyone in the USA grew up using in school. My current practice is to use the blue pencil lightly to rough things out and then go in with conventional pencil.

I’ve always been bad about erasing pencil marks after I finish a drawing which drives people with OCD insane… to be honest, as an artist, I actually LIKE seeing the marks the artist used to create a drawing, even in reproduction.

I’m currently pretty busy with a couple commissions (some of them non-gaming industry related) plus my midnight shifts at the hospital. In less than a week I take off for St. Louis, MO., to see family and friends.

The Green Horde + “Dagon” back in stock

The Green Horde painting 72dpi

Recently completed acrylic painting, working title is “The Green Horde,” for an as-of-yet unrevealed project. Luminous beakmen are on the rampage.

In addition, I have more copies of the new printing of my “Dagon” comic in stock. Has a couple additional pages plus better print quality and a color cover.


82018019 MCC Fumble Bookmark I have been updating some of my pages… I added a page where you can go and shop for prints, posters and comics and will add to/update that as more comics and posters become available.

In addition, I changed the inventory in the online original art shop, adding newer work… click here to see what work I have for sale. If there is a particular work of mine that interests you that isn’t listed, just email me at and I will find out if I still have it. First come first served and all that.


Mother of Toads comic and Dungeon Poster for sale

Gencon 2018 is over…let the crass commercialism commence!  I’m selling the leftover posters and “Mother of Toads” comics that I have… the PayPal buttons below work for US customers only… if you live outside the US, contact me ( and we will try to work something out.

art for gencon posters


The Dungeon poster is 11×17 and ships in a cardboard tube. Each one is signed. If you bought it at Gencon, it came with a plastic sleeve and backing thin cardboard but those will not survive the tube so via mail order you just get the poster for the same price. This illustration originally appeared in ‘Dungeon Alphabet’ published by Goodman Games. Can’t combine shipping with comic books. Cost: 10.00 USD + 4.00 shipping in US.


2018 “Mother of Toads” story originally by Clark Ashton Smith, adapted to comic book by Stefan Poag (mature content warning)

“The Mother of Toads” is a comic book adaptation of the short story of the same name by Clark Ashton Smith. 16 pages BW with a color cover. There is some nudity and toad/human sex in the story – nothing x rated, maybe R rated? Digest sized (8.5×5.5 inches). 2018. Signed on the back cover by the artist. Cost: 8.00 USD + 2.00 shipping in US.

ALSO: D. Kovacs still has copies of the wondrous and miraculous “HOBONOMICON” available via his online shop! Art by Doug and me, words and concepts by Wayne Snyder, James MacGeorge, Jarret Crader and others! Can you escape from Planet Punjar? Want to read the first DCC Comic, “Death of a Reaver”? What happens when you smoke too much Klartesh? This is issue #0… more issues on the way. Get your copy today! CLICK HERE!


“…Not all who wander give a fuck about where they end up.”


Flammarion Engraving


As a youngster I was fascinated with this picture. I don’t remember where or when I first saw it, but remember that I used to draw my own versions of it… I guess I just liked the idea of a hidden and incomprehensible world beyond the veil of what we see. Plus, I have to admit, the adult me enjoys the idea of ‘reality’ as a kind of painted backdrop, behind which we find a load of gods know what.

I don’t think any of my early versions of this drawing have survived.

I’ve since discovered this illustration is called “The Flammarion Engraving.” It has a slightly weird history but you can read the wikipedia entry for yourself.

FYI on July 31st I’ll be driving down to Indianapolis to help set up Goodman’s booth for Gencon and hopefully sell some art. If you are at Gencon, stop by the booth to say hello and pick up a copy of “Mother of Toads,” The Dungeon Poster or The Hobonomicon.