Always Wear Eye Protection

always wear eye protection

A couple of noodniks examining a mysterious artifact…

Escape the Watch

A run from the watch 72dpi

I’ve been out of town for about half the summer — attending conferences, funerals, birthdays and family reunions. While I have enjoyed the travel, I’ve missed being able to put quality time in the studio. Over the past couple of days I have been settling back into my work and it feels good.

Here is a work in progress for an upcoming Goodman Games Lankhmar book – a trio of slippery adventurers running from the city watch.

House of Horrors

p1 toned 72dpi

Recent work finished just before I pack my bags and head off to Indy for Gencon 2019. Gencon doesn’t officially start until Thursday, August 1st, but I will be rolling into Indianapolis on Tuesday (tomorrow) to help the Goodman crew set up the booth.

If you are going to be at Gencon, stop by the Goodman Games booth (#117 – same spot in the dealers room as last year I am told) and say hello. I can sign any books that have my work in them and I’ll have some original art for sale (including this drawing) plus posters and comics — I’ll have signed copies of my Dagon comic, Mother of Toads comic, People of the Pit comic and the my “Yellow Sign” comic.

Artists Peter Mullen, Doug Kovacs and Brad McDevitt (and maybe others?) will also be on hand for signatures and art sales as well as most of the writers and other usual suspects.

If the dealer hall ain’t yer style, I’ll probably be hanging most nights at “DougCon” (the unofficial con in the lobby/bar/dining area of Embassy Suites – starts around 8pm, no badges or tickets needed, just come and meet people or play games).

Holy Fucking Markup


I just found the above comic (which I published in 2017 and originally sold for the princely sum of 4.00 usd) listed on Noble Knight for 25.00! I had no idea my comics were worth that much. I also once found one of my really early drawings from years ago on an auction site selling for an amount that was high enough to kind of surprise and flatter me.

If you come by the Goodman Games booth at Gencon (first weekend in August), I’ll be selling signed copies of “Dagon” (with better printing than the old yellow cover edition and with some additional pages), “The Mother of Toads,” “People of the Pit” and my new comic, “The Yellow Sign” for 8.00 each… plus I’ll have some posters and a lot of original artworks, color and black and white, originally published by Goodman and others.

Right now I’m in Bangor, Maine, about to head off into the black fly and mosquito infested woods for a week of camping so I will be off the grid for the next week or so.

old school essentials

illusionist 6x9 72dpi v1

A cover I completed a while ago for Old School Essentials.

Space Fiends

space fiends

portion of a recent work in progress. Drawn with pen and ink, then digitally composited and colored.

The Shaft W.I.P.

canyon city rain 72dpi

Work in progress. Mixed media/acrylic 2019.

Cadaver Canyon

final with title

Recently completed cover for Purple Sorcerer Games… the flaming warthog god watches another gang of hapless adventurers get washed down the gullet of Cadaver Canyon.

Void Machine

p1 bk 2 72dpi

Recent work. Pen and ink and ink washes.

I was planning to go to NTRPG next week but financial constraints make that impossible.

the enemies (W.I.P.)

p16 and 17 bw 72dpi

Work in progress for another recent Goodman Games thing. This is a 2 page spread with “heroes” on the left side and “monsters” on the right side. A big block of text goes in the middle.

I’ll be out of town for about a week — art updates will resume then.