Dagon (2016)


Sometime last year I adapted Lovecraft’s “Dagon” into a 20 page comic book… above is page 19. I wrote/drew “Dagon” hoping to place it in a specific publication, but that publication did not nibble… so now it is still available — any horror comics publishers interested, let me know… It is available in both color and BW. I think it works better in BW.

Despite Lovecraft’s flaws (as a writer and a human), I still enjoy his yarns. “Dagon” did not require a lot of rewriting to make it work as a comic — but I had to rewrite some of the historical details at the beginning to indulge my own sense of belief. I also re-wrote parts of the end to make the story more visual. The middle (and the meat of the tale), however, is very faithful to the original text.

Sky Masters of the Purple Planet


While packing up some artwork for shipment to a client, I found this gem from 2016!

Bride of the Black Manse (Goodman Games)


Goodman Games is reprinting Harley Stroh’s “Bride of the Black Manse” adventure book with a new cover by me!  LINK to more info.



Years ago, this creature was at the top of my web page… I called it a ‘squiddle.’ I had some fancy rollover animations where words would light up when you moused over different parts of the image (i.e: ‘portfolio’ when you moused over the eye, ‘links’ when you moused over the tentacles, etc.,) and there were links embedded in the image to take you to the pages indicated… I suppose it seemed very witty and sophisticated to me at the time but now seems stupid… but I still like the creature. Maybe I should draw more of them.

lizard man attack


Picture Frame


Work in Progress


Not the best photo of it, but here is a work in progress photo of another margin illustration I am doing — this one on a post apocalyptic “mutants and mahem” theme.

This is the underpainting — done mostly in color ink on watercolor paper. Later I will work over it in acrylics and acrylic glazes.