Work in Progress (Trampier tribute)


Here are some shots of a work in progress — a color border commission that I decided to make into a tribute to one of my favorite RPG illustrators, Dave Trampier (now, sadly, no longer among the living, but he did fantastic illustration work and comics for TSR back in the 1970s and 1980s before he (AFAIK) gave up his art career mysteriously vanished). See Trampier’s original here.

I’m trying to ‘work the image up’ by starting with a series of translucent colors (using PH Martin inks for this part, will probably add some acrylic glazes over the top).

Stab the Ape Man (work in progress)


Another new illustration for a work-in-progress by Goodman Games — this woman warrior is doing her part to try to prevent the rise of the apes.


Twilight of the Solstice 2016 (Goodman)


Every year, Goodman Games puts out something special for the holiday – this year it is a DCC adventure called “Twilight of the Solstice” by Marc Bruner. Included in the adventure is a ‘scratch off character sheet’ (much like the scratch-offs you might buy at the corner store — but in this case, you scratch off to reveal information while playing the game). I illustrated the border for the scratch off (above).

I also did some BW interiors for the book:




Work in Progress November 2016


Apology in advance for the lousy photo — a part of of a work in progress of a larger image for a book cover. I have been busy… mostly getting used to the new day job (which is, ironically, at night) and struggling to come to terms with what the recent U.S. election means.

Excellent Traveling Volume #7


Some time ago, I did some cover art for James Maliszewski’s ‘Empire of the Petal Throne’ zine, “The Excellent Travelling Volume.” I just found out that the volume with my illustration will come out next. This portrays some poor sap about to get probed to death by a couple of evil creatures (I can’t remember the name of these villains). I was pretty pleased with how this one came out.

Evil priest


We just got back late yesterday and I’m still feeling like I am running on 3 cylinders, so here is a picture I did a while back for Goodman’s DCC Rulebook 4th printing (which, AFAIK, is either being printed or has been printed and is on its way — see the Kickstarter page for more details). This drawing portrays some sort of evil chaos priest with his gooey minions hanging around & in general up to no good.

Stamford, CT.


Stamford, CT. 22nd Oct 2016