Autobiographical Comics

I’m currently working on roughing out a comic sort of like “The Cube” which I did back in September. (link) I don’t really know how to “write” comics… getting the text nice and legible is sort of a challenge for me and I worry that I get too hung up in tangents or lost in details. Plus, it is autobiographical, which is hard since I worry that I am always trying to make myself look good rather than be honest about the story I am trying to tell. Working title is ‘Pariah’ and it tells the story of how I feel like I became a pariah at one point.

Don’t have any samples to show (too early), so go look at ‘Cube’ if you want a preview I guess.



Just updated the shop with more work from Goodman Games, Owlknight publishing, Barrowmaze and others. Other stuff that has been sitting on the virtual shelf for a while has been reduced. Link:

One of my favorites is this character sheet border I did for Barrowmaze (one side):


And the other side:


Cannibal Island


The above is a splash page illustration from a recent commission showing our doughty adventurers rowing up to an island no doubt inhabited by cannibals and worse.

For one of the illustrations for the same book, I tried doing the illustration in both pen-and-ink and digital means:

Pen and ink:




Both used the same original pencil drawing. Although the digital work flow allows easier changes and revisions, I like the line quality of pen and ink better.

The Eastern Forest


Here is a map I drew for Owl Knight Publishing’s “Sky of Flame” book coming out later this year. You can find out more on Thorin Thompson’s Kickstarter pages.

Alchemist at work


Hive of the Overmind


Another Mutant Crawl Classics announcement on the Goodman Games Kickstarter here. In my painting above, these three explorers of the wasteland have just met the Overmind and I don’t think they made a good first impression. This is the cover for another Jim Wampler authored mutant extravaganza.


Artwork for SALE

01261709I’ve updated my web store page with original art from Goodman Games and others.
Scroll all the way down for bargains; more recent listings are near the top.