Goodman DCC Annual

sword collection

Years ago I did 8 drawings of fantastic and fantasy swords for Goodman Games for a project they called “The Annual.” I had a lot of fun drawing these; here are a few of my favorites from that series. The “Annual,” however, failed to come out years after year and became a running joke… “This time we are serious… it comes out this year… no, next year, no, sorry, the year after that,”  and so on.

Well, supposedly the wait is over. Goodman has just announced the Annual is finally coming out so these drawings of swords (along with some other illustrations) will finally see the light of day. Check out the Kickstarter. I’m writing this on day 2 and it’s already 150% funded… so I guess everyone else out there on the internet is as ready to see this thing in print as I am…

annual kickstarter

Serpent Fight

p91 grey 72dpi.jpg

Another recent pen and ink work for Goodman Games. This one is intended as a nod towards the memory of Greg Stafford (1948 – 2018), founder of Chaosium publishing and a writer, shaman, designer and creative genius. The woman in the coils of the snake is based on the woman on the cover of Chaosium’s Runequest book… drawn from memory (I think I did pretty well).


Comics in stock at Goodman Games

MOT and Dagon

My “Mother of Toads” comic and “Dagon” comic are both now in stock at Goodman Games’ online shop. I’m still busy with other projects and thinking hard about which classic tale to do next — I have a couple of stories in mind and hope to eventually do all of them, but currently it is a toss up between Ambrose Bierce, Robert Chambers and William Hope Hodgson. Poe might be in that race as well…

Infernal Scrivener

p31 scan full 72jpi

One of the good things about having a scanner is that you can scan a version of something and then continue to work on it. I’m going to work on this one some more… and if I end up ruining it, I will at least still have this scan.

Monsters Attack

p154 RGB 400dpi

Been a while since I updated the blog, so here is another recent illustration. Look out! Monsters are on the attack!

Blood, Death and Tourism


Gabor Lux, the premier publisher of OSR stuff from Hungary, has just announced the publication of Echoes from Fomalhaut #3 available via his online shop. Cover and interior illustrations by me plus art from Denis McCarthy and text by Gabor Lux. See the great wheel crushing its followers into paste! Gasp in horror at the winged apes as they rip feckless sightseers limb from limb! What lies behind ancient but curiously intricate portals in the depths? Gabor is your guide — pack your bags and update your protective orisons — the journey of a lifetime awaits!

Search for the Orb 2

orb color v2 72dpi

WIP – search for the orb

cover scan pencil v2_comp 72dpi

Bride of Frankenstein

2page composite color 72dpi

Recently completed 2 page spread for an upcoming Goodman release. It’s not really “Bride of Frankenstein” but for this illustration, a visual reference to the 1935 film seemed appropriate. Ink, gouache and prismacolor on toned paper.


Here is a map recently completed for a future Goodman publication.  My map technique is evolving… some of the characters from the margins (or their cousins) are making guest appearances from Bruegel engravings that I have been looking at lately. “Buzzard Hollow” is a rural location filled with wise old characters, independent minded back country folk and half remembered myths and legends, all from the fertile imagination of Michael Curtis.

buzzard hollow color 72