Rooftop View

r2 line full scan cropped 72

Work still in progress… One of the larger drawings I have done… measures about 17×44 inches. These are the roofs and streets of Lankhmar for an upcoming Goodman Games special project.

Battle of the Giants

accursed heart p10 72dpi

Recent work – pen and ink. 1/2 page illustration for Goodman Games.

Not sure if I am done yet… will take another look later and try to decide.


bonnacon 72 color

Bonnacon 2020 pen and ink

The bonnacon, a bull-like creature first described by Pliny the Elder, has inwardly curving horns that are useless for defense. When threatened, the bonnacon turns to flee and emits an enormous fart of such potency that bushes and trees caught in its path burst into flame.

I’m not making this up.

The Dying Earth by George Barr

George Barr dying earth

Here is a 1976 cover painting by George Barr for Jack Vance’s Dying Earth.

Fortress Trump

I’m still on vacation and away from my studio, but this cartoon I drew years ago seems more appropriate today than when I drew it back in 2016. If I could change anything about it, I would change the hair. My drawing’s hair isn’t absurd enough.

Foretress Trump 72dpi


Obitue Que 72dpi copy

Obitu-Que…the five eyed god of blight and decay. Bad news!


cover illustration 72dpi

My Comic, “The Yellow Sign,” based on a story by Robert Chambers, is now for sale on the Alephnull website. While you are there, you can pick up a hobonomicon, too!

You may have heard references to Carcosa and “The Yellow King” in TV shows like “True Detective.” Chambers was the originator of these horror themes in his highly original book of short stories, “The Yellow King,” published in 1895.

16 pages plus cover, digest sized, signed by the artist (me!).

Critical Hit

critical 72dpi

Recent illustration for an as-of-yet to be announced project (hopefully in early 2020?). This is a revisitation of Sutherland’s “Paladin in Hell” illustration from the 1970s. Instead of armor, she’s wearing some kind of onesie and a hood – so maybe she isn’t a paladin but some kind of sneaky Grey Mouser type.

Dead Captain

captain 72 dpi

Recently completed painting for an upcoming project to be published by Goodman Games next year. 11×14 acrylic on panel. The dead astronaut is a subject I seem to be asked to return to again and again — years ago I did a similar drawing in BW ink. These days I’m trying to up my acrylic skills and I seem to end up attempting every painting 2 or 3 times — the first and second versions are usually abandoned halfway through when it becomes clear to me that I am unhappy with what I have done so far and need to make changes. Sometimes the problems are technical (i.e.: a problem with the way the paint is applying to the surface) and other times it is aesthetic. Sometimes starting over is easier than fixing what was flawed from the start.


sphinx scan hi contrast .tif

This small illustration was completed recently for a private commission. The client wanted a mythological creature for a book plate for her personal library – she left what to illustrate and how wide open, simply saying that I should pick some creature from fantasy literature/gaming that didn’t get the attention it deserved.

After mulling it over and flipping through various books about monsters (including the original Monster Manual), I settled on the Sphinx. Not only do I like the story of the riddle of the Sphinx, but I also thought it was a very good creature for a bookplate Рbooks are like riddles and we have to read them to figure them out.

The name of the client was superimposed over the dark area of the rock and ground to the right of the Sphinx’s right leg and above her tail.