Dagon timelapse drawing video


Dagon is a comic book version of an HP Lovecraft story first published in 1917. I adapted the story to comic book form in 2017… this year I added a few more pages to it.
The software used to draw this 2 page spread is Manga Studio 5 (aka Clip Studio Pro) by Smith Micro. Drawn with a stylus on a Wacom tablet. This video represents 5 or more hours of work… I used Screenbar Capture to capture a screen grab every few minutes… it adds up to less that one and a half minutes of video.

Coming soon…

spread new digest sized 12 13 72dpi

Reprint of Dagon comic with some added stuff…

2018 Gencon and HOBONOMICON!

art for gencon

Currently getting ready for Gencon 2018 (first weekend in August) where I will be a guest at the Goodman Games booth, selling art, books, meeting you fine people. etc. Above is some of the original art that will be coming with me for sale — there will also be black and white stuff in various sizes. In addition I will (hopefully) have copies of my “Mother of Toads” comic… (I think the delivery man tried to bring them yesterday, but Annie says our dog’s fierce barking chased him off)…

MOT cover toads

And I will be selling 11×17 posters of the ‘dungeon map’ illustration… suitable for framing or coloring… Each dungeon map print is signed and backed with a card to keep it from getting wrinkled and wrapped in plastic (although you can easily unwrap it for display or framing). Posters will be $10.00 each. What I don’t sell at Gencon will probably be sold via the web and if I make a small profit I’ll try it again with different images.

art for gencon posters

map no logo 11x17 72dpi

If all that were not enough, we will also have issue #0 of THE HOBONOMICON on sale!

Hope to see you all there!

Another Test (MCC)

mcc bcover image traced.tif

This is another test (it’s a test post to see if my various social media are sharing the way I want them to — I’m technologically impaired)… but its also a new drawing for MCC so enjoy!


ass devil 7.12.18018

From one of my ‘drawing a day’ things.

Dagon frame for Magician’s Skull

dagon intro frame 72dpi

Last year around this time I self published my comic, Dagon, in a zine format for Gencon. Subsequently, it was picked up for an upcoming issue of Tales from the Magician’s Skull (I think it will appear in issue #3). The Magician’s Skull version will feature a few small changes including an additional page and a written introduction which will appear in this aquatic themed border (above).

In other news, I have updated my illustration portfolio with some new work… check it out here.

Color out of Space


The above illustration will be printed in gold foil on the back of a leatherette book cover in a future publication (the large black space in the upper LH area is for text). When working on an illustration for gold foil, the tricky part is remembering to simplify the design just enough so it will print clearly in gold foil (but not too much since I think much of the visual interest in a drawing comes from the twists and turns of line as they describe the subject).

This image was inspired by a drawing by Virgil Finlay illustrating H.P. Lovecraft’s story, “The Color out of Space.” I think Finlay used scratchboard on his original illustration. It’s a great drawing — both in terms of technique and composition. The silhouetted figures in the foreground are particularly nice.

finlay illustration

The Mother of Toads (art time lapse)

As previously mentioned, I’m working on a comic book version of the classic Clark Ashton Smith story, “The Mother of Toads.” Above is a time lapse video of screen captures at short intervals of me working on the spread for pages 14-15 of the short comic… I’m currently using Manga Studio for the drawing. FYI: There is no sound in the video (so don’t worry — your computer is working fine… I just haven’t added sound yet).

I released a comic book version of Lovecraft’s “Dagon” at Gencon last year and people seemed to like it so I decided to release another this year. This year’s release was supposed to be “The People of the Pit” by A. E. Merritt, but that comic got picked up for publication in “Tales from the Magician’s Skull” so I had to come out with a replacement comic for release this year — that is why I am cranking furiously on this one, trying to get it finished and printed before Gencon. My plan is to continue to do various horror comics based on lesser known tales from classic horror/weird fiction authors until I have enough to publish an anthology.

I’m hoping to make more tutorials and ‘work in process’ videos in the coming year, perhaps using a platform like Patreon to help defray costs. If you have had experiences (both positive and negative) with Patreon as a creator or as a patron, please let me know in comments.

The Mother of Toads

Screen Shot 2018-06-26 at 9.56.29 AM

I can’t remember if I have mentioned this yet, but I’m currently working on a digest-sized comic book based on Clark Ashton Smith’s short story, “The Mother of Toads” for (hopeful) release at Gencon in early August (knock on wood). 16 pages in black and white… possibly there will be a color cover depending on cost.

This makes the third “Appendix N” author story that I have adapted to comic book form (last year I released Lovecraft’s “Dagon” and I also adapted A.E. Merritt’s “People of the Pit” to a comic book — both will be appearing in Tales from the Magician’s Skull magazine). Eventually I hope to publish a horror collection of these comics so if you missed out on the originals, do not despair.

There is some nudity and toad sex … so be warned. “The Mother of Toads” is one of CAS’s less well known stories, and, AFAIK, I am the first to have adapted it to comic book form. I was excited to see that there was a film short adaptation (part of the 2011 horror anthology film, ‘The Theatre Bizarre“), When I rented “The Theatre Bizarre,” I found myself underwhelmed. “The Mother of Toads” segment was, in my opinion, pretty good (although they made some narrative choices I wouldn’t have), but, after watching 2 more segments, I got bored with “The Theatre Bizarre” and gave up. I’m pretty hot-and-cold when it comes to horror… sometimes I enjoy it a great deal, but some stuff (particularly slasher horror) just bores me, so take my review with a grain of salt.

Den of Iniquity

lankhmar tavern 72dpi

For an upcoming project. India ink and gouache on paper.