bear owl 72dpi

(pictured above: bearowl cub)

One in twenty owlbear hatchlings are different from their siblings when they emerge from the egg. Normally, the owlbear has the body of a bear with the head and beak of a giant owl… but the bearowl has the body of an owl with the head of a bear. It has wings and nimbly flies hither and yon despite it’s nearly 300 pound weight and 7+ foot height at full growth. Like the owlbear, the bearowl is a ferocious carnivore… and is possibly more foul tempered than the already irascible owlbear.

Avoid forest glens where the branches of trees and the ground appears to be streaked with enormous amounts of bird droppings and regurgitated human bones mixed with bits of armor, weapons, shoes, boots, buttons, belt buckles and the recently discarded knapsacks and other possessions of unlucky travelers.

Reptilian Humanoids

ickian lizard man 72Excuse me, sir? Have you read the books of Mr. David Icke? Ludicrous, you say? You think the whole idea of lizard people from outer space interbreeding with humans in order to dominate the world through human sacrifice and witchcraft is preposterous? You have it on good authority via Alex Jones that Mr Icke is a disinformation specialist? Well, that is what THEY want sheeple like you to think.

Fantasy Grounds: The Red Giant

Red Giant 72dpi fThis is a picture I did as a private commission for a DCC Ruleset on Fantasy Grounds. Brett commissioned the piece and gave me carte blanche on what to do… he just said, “Heroes, dungeon, monster…” Fantasy Grounds allows you to play role playing games over the internet with dice rolles, chat and other features built right into the browser.

This is how it looks in the browser:

dcc on tabletopThanks to +Damian Hupfeld for the screen shot.

Equinox Beast

equinox beast 72 dpiToday was the equinox.