Those evil bastards!

Above is another new sample. I’d like to see more ‘fantasy’ art return to some of its less-than-savory roots… I don’t remember what year ‘Alien’ came out, but as a kid I remember sneaking into the theater to see it… and when that creature burst out of that guy’s chest I was terrified and delighted for a week.
So the theme today is “birth as a less-than-delightful event.” One of the things that made the Alien from the Ridley Scott movie so horrifying is that it implanted itself into the victim, like a fetus, and killed the host when it was ‘born.’
The evil high priest has just used his dagger to remove the demon spawn from the body of the woman chained to the altar… meanwhile the heroes (finally) bust in the door… too late to save the woman… but hopefully on time to save the world… we shall see. The Evil High priest’s ugly assistant attempts to draw his master’s attention to the impending interruption as guards with impractical looking polearms move to intercept.

2 Comments on “Those evil bastards!”

  1. James says:

    I'd like to see more 'fantasy' art return to some of its less-than-savory roots…

    Me too! Alas, I cannot do anything about that. But, you can!!!!!! Thanks for posting!

  2. baronzemo says:

    Looks great. I too would like to see more of the “darker side”. Mybee some pic's from the evil party's kicking the good guys butt' for a change. HEHE.

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