ART FOR SALE (in the near future)

Below you can see some images I drew over the years for the Goodman Games line of Dungeon Crawl Classics (both 1e and 3e). I’ve got about 100+ of these, published by Goodman and others, that I might like to sell to interested collectors. In the coming months I will try to set up some kind of online marketplace for them.
Note: These will be sold as original art to hang on your wall — not for reproduction.

Adventurers battle Lizardmen in front of a mural in the caves. I know that ‘lizard folk’ is the currently correct usage, but I’m old school, baby! (or maybe they are troglodytes; I don’t remember) If I remember right, this was from DCC #26, “The Scaly God.”

Another one from “The Scaly God.” A dragon goes for a night flight while his/her minions watch adoringly. This is a really small one:

DCC #27: “Revenge of the Rat King” This is on the title page so it’s about 1/2 page. The monster is some kind of totally whacked troll/were-rat that is handing a party of adventurers their collective asses. Yee-haw!

This is a color cover from Judges Guild/Goodman Games 3e reprint of “Citadel of Fire.” This is acrylic on paper… the original is in storage, but I think it measures about 16×20. I also have the original art of “Thieves of Fortress Badabaskor” from the Goodman/Judges Guild line. I did all three painting that appear on the covers of Citadel and Badabaskor. Buy all three and make a triptych!This one is unpublished; I think it’s about 12×16 acrylic on paper. Roar! Those PCs are about to get cooked!

6 Comments on “ART FOR SALE (in the near future)”

  1. Shane Mangus says:

    Lizardmen all the way! Great looking pieces!

  2. Heh, I was just asking in email if you wanted to sell some art. I'd love to pick up a piece or two.

  3. baronzemo says:

    see if you can sell prints on RPGnow or is their a rights issue with goodman games? anyways looking foward to seeing the artwork! 🙂

  4. Andrew says:

    That unpublished dragon piece is GREAT. I wish I could capture such a sense of depth.

  5. Deogolf says:

    Wouldn't mind adding an illustration or two to the collection. I was lucky enough to purchase the backcover art from The Pod Caverns (Osric) module a couple of years ago. Great stuff!

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