Buy some of my used shit

I need a better digital camera for my art stuff, so I am selling off some books to (hopefully) finance it. I’ll probably be selling more crap; maybe even minis (although that would really hurt).
If it doesn’t sell here and the few other places I have listed it, I’ll probably ebay the rest. Bulk offers welcome — the numbers represent what I think is fair.
Condition: Few things are ‘never used/mint’ (A+). Most of this has been read and is a little shelf worn or may have crinkles in the pages, dings on corners, etc. Some of the d20 hardbacks have a little cover curl (which I think has more to do with the manufacturing than wear and tear).
Sorry for using my blog to shill my useless crap, but, hey, I need the $. No reasonable offer refused. I have a few offers pending on some of the things; if you are interested just email me at sbpoag(at)gmail(dot)com.
Selling the Hackmaster stuff really hurts. I got it in trade for some art for a game company and never got to play it, although I really wanted to. Ah well.


item # type Condition weight cost
1 HM 4e PHB A- 2.00 8.00
2 Hacklopedias i-vii A- 5.50 50.00
3 Rappan Athuk Boxed Set A- 3.03 150.00
4 HM 4e Hacklopedia Field Manual A- 1.05 40.00
5 HM 4e Gawds & Demi Gawds A- 1.00 8.00
6 HM 4e Player Record Book A- 1.00 5.00
7 HM 4e Little Keep on the Borderlands A- 1.00 12.00
8 Magic of Faerun A 1.03 8.00
9 Call of Cthulhu d20 B+++ 2.08 25.00
10 Return to the Temple of Elemental Evil d20 C+++ 1.03 15.00
11 Fantasy Wargaming by Bruce Galloway A- 1.00 7.00
12 CoC Complete Dreamlands A 1.00 15.00
13 Hackmaster Smackdown the Slavers A 1.00 10.00
14 Blackmoor’ from Zeitgeist Games 2006 A+ 2.00 8.00
15 3e WOTC DMG A- 2.00 8.00
16 3e WOTC MM A- 2.00 8.00
17 3e WOTC PHB w/ disc! B+++ 2.00 12.00
18 3e Forgotten Realms Setting A 3.00 15.00
19 Call of Cthulhu 6th edition A+ 2.00 20.00
20 Hackmaster Combat Wheel A++ 1.00 30.00
21 Hackmaster Game Master Shield A++ 1.00 12.00
22 Hackmaster Annihilate The Giants B+++ 1.00 12.00
23 Spellslinger’s guide to Wurld Domination A 1.00 12.00
24 HM 4e PHB B 2.00 8.00
25 HMB A+ 1.00 10.00
26 HM4e Guide to Slaughtering Foes A+ 1.00 12.00
27 HM4e Griftmaster Guide A+ 1.00 12.00
28 HM 4e Zealot’s Guide A+ 1.00 12.00
29 HM 4eQuest of the Unknown A 1.00 12.00
30 HM4e Game Master Guide B 2.00 12.00
31 HM 4e PHB A++ 2.00 12.00
32 HM4e PHB A++ 2.00 12.00

3 Comments on “Buy some of my used shit”

  1. tolenmar says:

    So I’m going out on a limb here, and taking a long shot, but almost two years later, any chance any of this is still for sale?

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