Different Ideas for Art for the OSR

As an artist who has had work published in the OSR, I find myself interested in different possible aesthetics and how the ‘Old School Rennaisance’ (or, as I prefer to call it, the ‘Old School Revolt!’) might distinguish itself from the competition. I find myself inspired and encouraged by the likes of Peter Mullen, Aeron Alfrey, Sean Aaberg and Skinner — as well as the fairly predictable praise (for OSR tastes, anyway) of Erol Otus and Trampier and other classic TSR artists. There are lots of people whose work I have been admiring and see ing around, like J Bingham, Jason Braun & ATOM Taylor & Glad Thomas, Aos and RavenConspiracy. And there are lots more, although I can’t think of all of them right now. Please list your favorites in comments.

I’d like to see more artists offering an alternative to the more (to my jaded eye) prosaic visual fantasy fare that has come to typify much of the industry. I feel my own work is too derivative of that which came from the classic era of TSR — in addition to pursuing my other art interests at this time (like the mosaics), I’m interested in shaking up my own ideas of what art for the OSR might look like. But it is harder than I expected, and, with my current time crunch, finding time to do new work is hard.

The picture at right is a ‘work in progress’ shot of a painting of the Piasa bird. It’s early yet, but I haven’t really felt like I’ve ‘hit something new’ here yet. I like the face but the feet look weird.

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  1. limpey says:

    You are in my list because I always enjoy your drawing (both in their subject and their execution). Corben is a hero, definitely — and when I first saw Trampier's work, it made me think of the 'naughty' fantasy magazines and underground comix that I used to sneak looks at in the bookstore.
    Mark Allen! Yes! And William McAusland and Brad McDevitt.

  2. I'd really like to do more crazy ass stuff like the covers from sci-fi and fantasy novels from the 1940's-1970's I want to do stuff with guys in weird pointed hats and oddly shaped pole arms fighting agains strange morphic creatures under alien skies. I think we're seeing a move towards the strange and weird in the OSR and it seems like things are starting to take on an interesting turn. Stefan, you say your suff is derivative, but I don't think so (at least not as much as my work). But that just seems part and parcel of the assignments I've been commissioned. Sadly, some of the more off the wall stuff I did for some commissions never ended up seeing the light of day. I've got a few of my own projects lined up and I'm wanting to break away from the fantasy sterotypes. Stef, you, Pete Mullen, ATOM taylor. McDevitt, McAusland, Braun, Glad, and many, many others are definitely doing some rocking stuff. I love how all of these artists have a style. I love the fact I can glance at a piece of work and KNOW right at first glance who did it. I think there is some kick ass tallent in the OSR right now (despite some of the crap I see other people bemoaning the art in the OSR). It really reminds me of the stuff going on in the indie comics scene (which I love as well). Making the pilgrimage to the Fantagraphics store in Georgetown (Seattle) last summer was the highlight of my trip. Moreso than any of the game stores I visited.

  3. Tim Brannan says:

    I LOVE, LOVE your Piasa Bird.

    What is it going to be used for and if you have nothing in mind can I buy it?

  4. Aos says:

    I just wanted to add: drawing is hard and it takes too long.

  5. limpey says:

    I have no particular plans for the Piasa bird painting other than I wanted to do it for practice. If you still want it when I finish it (it may change some as we go along), I would be happy to arrange something.
    Its a little smaller than 16×20 on unstretched canvas-paper.

  6. Tim Brannan says:


    Shoot me an email. timothy.brannan@gmail.com

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