I don’t have anything to post today

I’m working on mosaics, trying to fix my laptop and trying not to succumb to the hate. So here is a picture of an old fashioned penis pump to brighten your day:

3 Comments on “I don’t have anything to post today”

  1. Jeff Rients says:

    Well, that's something I wasn't expecting to see as I check the old blogroll this morning.

  2. ChicagoWiz says:

    @Mr. Zed – if you need instructions… 😉 😀

    @Limpey – funniest.post.this.year!

  3. JimLotFP says:

    I do believe that blogrolls only grab the first image, so just put a cutesy pic first, or a standard logo, then then penis pump pics after that and nobody can complain.

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