Doodle in progress

This is a fun doodle that I have been spending a little time on every day over the past three days. Today I added the spiky things and the water plus other details. Eventually I suppose I’ll fill the page.

5 Comments on “Doodle in progress”

  1. Aos says:

    Very cool.

  2. ClawCarver says:

    Great stuff. There's something attractively Dr Seussian about those stairs. (Well, apart from the big ol' skull, obviously.)

  3. Omlet says:

    Great artwork. I would like to have such wonderful illustrations in my game 🙁

  4. Carter Soles says:

    Yes, very nice. I too like fantasy architecture, and you've got some great stairs going on there.

  5. As ever, an awesome piece. One of these days I really need to give you some paying work. 🙂

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