99 Followers! Plus: Does Jan Brewer hate Superman?

I now have 99 followers! Yahoo! 100 here I come!

In other news, this morning I wondered if the mean-queen of Arizona, Governor Jan Brewer, hates Superman. Brewer seems to blame absolutely everything that goes wrong on the Mexicans who sneak across the border to pick vegetables, wash dishes and cut grass, and has compared illegal immigration to a ‘terrorist attack.’ Superman came here illegally from Krypton, and, as far as I know, the Kents never filed a request for asylum — so throw all three of ’em in a Kryptonite jail cell!

On a related note, last year a total of eight Americans were killed in terrorist attacks, whereas 29 were killed by lightning strikes. What is Jan Brewer doing to protect the citizens of Arizona from lightning?

2 Comments on “99 Followers! Plus: Does Jan Brewer hate Superman?”

  1. Superman can't fly over Arizona airspace without showing his birth certificate so, alas, we never get to see The Man of Steel in action.

    I hear that Captain America wants to kick Brewer's ass (and Russel Pierce's too, the Mormon white supremest pulling Jan's strings).

    Jan Brewer, what a peach!

  2. Chris says:

    I wonder if the mummified-looking baggage has looked at American armed forces casualty lists from Iraq and the Stan; *lots* of Hispanic names on them.

    And her military credentials are…?

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