Finding Time to do Everything?

I have a mental list as long as my arm of things “to do.” I have another mental list as long as three arms of things I “want to do.” And, unfortunately, although I am attempting to revise my time management skills and have missed several sessions of playing games with my friends because of my long lists, I’m still struggling to keep up.

At the top of my list(s) is the attempt at continuing to develop my own mosaic art business. I have an appointment tommorow with a local gallery that I hope to have represent me. There are also a few other outlets I am persuing, in May I need to make a delivery of a variety of items to a shop in Northern Michigan and I also have a comission to install a mosaic floor in Saint Louis around this time. Below image is a sample section of the floor that has been comissioned.

The section pictured above is 2 foot square and the final floor will have 4 bees and a honeycomb pattern as well as different colors for the background. The individual tiles are fairly small (3/8 inch square) but when the floor is finished it is surprisingly durable (there are glass mosaic floors made over 2000 years ago that are still able to be walked on!).

In addition, there are some OSR things ‘in the works’ including a book project with around 25-30 color illustrations and some other things — these are just pencilled in (and money has not yet changed hands) so I can’t definitively say ‘yes’ or ‘no’ about when and how and why, but they are strong ‘maybes’ so they have to occupy space on the calendar (however tentative).

Tommorow I have an appointment with a local gallery whom I hope will agree to carry some of my stuff. My hope is to have as many gallerys/stores as needed carrying items (which will include various sized and different materials wall pieces, maybe some 3-d mask-like sculptures, garden and functional items like bird baths, fountains, etc., and smaller and less expensive items like decorative boxes, picture frames, etc). Hopefully I can eventually use this to generate an income in case I never work again (yes, I am still job hunting). This in addition to my usual OSR illustration work, ongoing discussion with an author about illustrating a young adult book, etc., etc.

Unfortunately, the upshot is that some projects (like Mines of Khunmar or the Shaver Comic) which don’t seem to generate income or have a specific due date, get pushed further and further back. if the cash flow situation improves, perhaps I can shave some time off the schedule to work on these things and my 800 other projects.

Also in the works: I’m considering selling my several thousand lead minis collection, most from the 1970s and 1980s and anout 3/4s hand painted. It pains me to do it, but I haven’t touched them in over a year and don’t know when or if I will ever get around to playing with them again. I’m considering dumping all the lead (hopefully getting someone to pay me for the whole thing) and then just using plastic… but getting rid of the lead also feels like cutting off my own arm, so I am naturally reluctant.

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  1. Good luck with the mosaics (they look fantastic)! If decide to sell any of your original artwork, I'd be interested in purchasing some.

  2. mikemonaco says:

    Don't get rid of your lead. You will regret it.
    But if you do, there is a guy that seems to buy up large collections — he runs “” and you can probably contact him there. Otherwise it would probably be worth your while to offer them up on the Grenadier. Ral Partha, and Heritage collector's Yahoo groups (if applicable). You can probably get a reasonable amount of money for them, altohugh I don't knowif being painted is a + or -, as even a great paint job will be stripped by a “serious” collector.
    Best of luck on the job hunt and with the projects. I can relate to some extent — there are many tihngs I want to do, many more I need to do, and barely time for any of it. 🙁

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