Instead of Elvish Chicks…

Language NSFW warning.

Why not Snoop Pearson?

4 Comments on “Instead of Elvish Chicks…”

  1. Roger the GS says:

    Human Assassin-5, Neutral Evil.

    That has got to be one of the best season opening scenes for any show ever. You're like “ooooh shit what does she want with a nail gun.”

  2. Higgipedia says:

    Oddly enough, she was just arrested today for drugs…

  3. I miss The Wire! One of many memorable classic scenes. Okay, time to fess up… how long did it take y'all to realise Snoop was female?

  4. limpey says:

    I love the way the salesmen looks when she starts saying, “Man, shit, I seen a tiny ass 22 round nose drop a n*gg*r plenty of days, man…” He just looks like he is thinking, “She is talking about shooting people in my hardware store!”
    Higgipedia: Yeah, that's why I thought to post the clip. I remember one of the police characters on the Wire saying something like, “War on drugs? This isn't a war. Wars end.” Which seems oddly appropriate. Here we are into year 30 or so of the “war on drugs” and nothing other than more war and more drugs in the future.

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