"We guard you while you sleep…"

After hearing how Governor Walker fucked the workers of Wisconsin with the stroke of a pen (much publicized event) or Governor Snyder fucked the working citizens of Michigan with another stroke of the pen (hardly publicized at all, because, well, Charlie Sheen got fired around the same time)… and this after decades in which those with less have had to settle for even less as Wall Street and the Banks realized unbelievable profits, the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan continue with no end in sight or plan in place, the war on drugs continues to occupy our law enforcement in an endless catch 22 in which we create a class of criminal by giving no opportunities for some people to work other than selling drugs and then imprison said people when they take the only realistic opportunity open to them, etc., etc., etc., and I wonder why the 90% of the people who get fucked and fucked and fucked again are not angry (well, the tea party puppets are angry… but they are angry at their fellow fucked ones rather than the people who have been doing the fucking, so, like a dog chasing his own tail, they are either sad or funny depending on how you look at it… ).

I think some anger from down below and fear up above would put this country back on the right track. From Fightclub: We cook your meals. We haul your trash. We connect your calls. We drive your ambulances. We guard you while you sleep. Do not fuck with us.

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  1. @JDJarvis: Oh, don't worry–they'e hard at work trying to take away that right, too.

    @Limpey: I hear you, man. And I agree.

  2. Ragnardbard says:

    I feel sad for the world. The crazy right is on the rise again here in Australia too. I have kids, and the future is looking worse and worse for them and all of us. Sigh…

  3. -C says:

    A CEO, Tea party member, and Union representative walk in and sit down at a table in a bakery.

    A waitress comes by and sets a dozen cookies on the table.

    The CEO reaches out, grabs eleven cookies and pulls them towards himself. He then says to the tea party member,

    “Be careful – that union rep is going to try to steal your cookie!”

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