‘Surge of the Wine Dark Sea’ art book now availible from Mythmere Games

Matt Finch, mad genius behind Mythmere Games, emailed me this morning to let me know that ‘Surge of the Wine-Dark Sea’ is now available from Lulu — in either softcover or hardcover editions (or PDF).

This is an art book of art by artists of the OSR… and I have a few bits in it. As noted in the Lulu ad copy:

This full color book is filled fantasy and swords & sorcery illustrations by artists of the D&D “Old School Renaissance.” These artists have created the visual imagery of recent publications focusing on playing D&D by its early rules, including works by publishers Pacesetter Games, Mythmere Games, the First Edition Society, Frog God Games, Usherwood Adventures, and many others!

2 Comments on “‘Surge of the Wine Dark Sea’ art book now availible from Mythmere Games”

  1. Stefan, I have been looking through my artist pdf copy and it rocks. I'll for sure be buying a print copy. Love your work in it. Oh yeah, congrats on your deal with James Raggi and Exquisite Corpse. That is one of my favorite monster books for sure!

  2. JDJarvis says:

    When I saw this book was released I yelled in joy to my wife and called my mother on phone and gleefully stated “I'm published, I'm published ! Well some of my game art is published !”
    They both had virtually the same response …”uh haven't you been published before?”

    I explained to both of them how it was simply cool and my wife made me order a hard cover.
    I'm glad I did (there's a coupon out there that pretty much makes the shipping free or wicked cheap), the pdf looks pretty good.

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