Should the worst occur…

Should the worst occur, and, as Ted Turner predicted in 2008, humankind be reduced to a level of savagery that includes cannibalism, I have decided to only eat those who earned more than I did in the years before the collapse (I’m assuming if the world has all gone ‘Cannibal Holocost,’ most of us won’t still be bothering to show up for work, thus I specify ‘pre collapse’ earnings as my standard). If reduced to cannibalism, I will eat only the rich for two reasons. The first reason is out of a regard for my own continued good health. The rich will, by virtue of access to better food and medical care, be more likely to be free of the parasites and viruses that will make eating the poor like a game of gustatory Russian roulette. Secondly, I won’t feel as bad about eating the rich… and since the world of the future is going to be a challenging place that will require that I be well rested in order to survive, I can’t have pangs of guilt keeping me up at night.

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  1. JDJarvis says:

    Eating only The Rich is rather limiting for a cannibal predator. 1st of all, there aren't that many of them. Secondly, early on at least, you'll be really far back in line and disadvantaged as they have access to weapons and security personnel that know how to use weapons we don't have as ready access to so really you'll have to live off of poor people as The Rich will be protected until their staff eats them.

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