I’ll always carry a torch for you…

Apropos nothing in particular, here is a picture of a medieval shopkeeper selling torches (picture courtesy of wikipedia). I was inspired to post this by Mythmere’s bit on torches on his blog.

Looking at the picture, I wonder if the woman is saying, “You know, underneath this gown and wimple I am wearing a chainmail bikini.” Plus, in the picture it looks like “Ye Olde Torche Shoppe” is right on the edge of a cliff — the customers have to stand really close to the counter to keep from falling to their deaths.

2 Comments on “I’ll always carry a torch for you…”

  1. limpey says:

    Only at Costco where you can buy torches in bundles of 60, lamp oil in 5 gallon jugs or enough diapers in one box to get your kid to age 12.

  2. Malcadon says:

    Yes, we are so spoiled in our modern times, as we have our “level ground,” and our “railings”. You could not be clumsy in those days – you had no safeguards back then!

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