Surge of the Wine Dark Sea book has arrived

I just wanted to note that my copy of ‘Surge of the Wine Dark Sea‘ arrived from Lulu the other day. ‘Surge of the Wine-Dark Sea‘ is an “OSR” art book edited by Matt Finch; it features illustrations by 36 artists who have drawn or painted illustrations for the old school revival game materials being published currently… and I am lucky enough to be one of the artists featured. This book is published by Mythmere Games via Lulu and is available in both hardback and soft cover. I splurged and got myself a hard back.

The illustrations include drawings and paintings, digital art, maps, etc., in a variety of styles and has a brief bio of each artist. I’m quite pleased at the quality of the printing and have been enjoying looking at the work of some of the talented people out there.

The Lulu ad copy says: “This full color book is filled fantasy and swords & sorcery illustrations by artists of the D&D “Old School Renaissance.” These artists have created the visual imagery of recent publications focusing on playing D&D by its early rules, including works by publishers Pacesetter Games, Mythmere Games, the First Edition Society, Frog God Games, Usherwood Adventures, and many others.”

“Wine dark sea” is apparently a reference to Homer’s Odyssey.

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  1. I have the artist's copy pdf and I love it. I'll have to buy the hardcopy soon as there is just too much good stuff in there not to have this book sitting on my shelf next to my Mignola, Kirby, and other art books.

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