Obligatory Dungeon Crawl Classics post

OK, if you didn’t download Goodman Game’s “Dungeon Crawl Classics Beta Rules” yet, then shame on you. Someone told me it was free only today (June 8, 2011), but it does not say anything about that on the Goodman site so who knows.

I haven’t read it yet, but I’ll give you 2 reasons why this book rocks so hard:

1) Peter
2) Mullen

This guy’s work just blows me away… he has taken the ‘old school’ look and done something very dynamic and whimsical with it. But there is a lot of great artwork in the book — including Jeff Jeff Easley, Jason Edwards, Tom Galambos, Friedrich Haas, Jim Holloway, Doug Kovacs, Diesel Laforce, William McAusland, Brad McDevitt, Jesse Mohn, Erol Otus, Jim Roslof, Chad Sergesketter, Chuck Whelon, and Mike Wilson (shameless self promotion: and even some by me)! It occured to me as I ‘flipped’ through the PDF earlier that the Roslof work may well be Jim’s last since he died so recently… R.I.P., Jim, you will be missed.

Anyway, here is one of the Mullen pics:

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  1. I got it and it looks awesome!

    DCC is like the sales pitch I heard from Raggi about LOFTP that actually seems to deliver.

  2. Praises to the Great One. The god of the goblinoids smiled upon me, zipped the file to less than a third of its size and emailed it to me. Time to have a look. 🙂

  3. I love how Kent states things that are totally obvious. It's like he thinks everyone is dumb-ass and while everyone else is “what a dumb-ass”.

  4. Kent says:

    I love how Kent states things that are totally obvious

    You shouldn't have put an 'and' before the 'while'.

  5. Roger the GS says:

    I do love Mullen's black and white drawings. They come off like the love child of Tove Jansson and Sidney Sime.

  6. ClawCarver says:

    I generally prefer B&W line artwork to colour paintings. Mullen's drawings are splendid, and Roslof's are beautiful. It's always fun to see hapless characters suffering reversals in Holloway's inimitable style too. As for the Poag pieces, I especially like the “journey to the dungeon” on pages 104-5.

    I have absolutely no need for yet another iteration of D&D, however funky. Nevertheless, I might end up buying the finished book just for some of the artwork within.

    Word verification: cretinge (noun. a hint of stupidity)

  7. limpey says:

    Kent: I thought you had announced that you would no longer waste your precious time on this community of dullards and mouth breathing simpletons?

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