Palin says "Fuck U" to the Press, DCC RPG thoughts

I started this post with a thing about Sarah Palin not because I have anything important or intelligent to say, but only because I am trying to maintain my cred as a left leaning liberal retard who hates the party of tea. But Alaska’s decision to release emails requested by the press under FOIA from Palin’s brief time as Govenor in the form of documents printed on paper in boxes instead of just transferring them electronically is a pretty blatant FUCK YOU to the press and FOIA. Printing out emails? Who does that? Way to go, Alaska. You have put the ‘goober’ back into ‘gubernatorial.’

Interestingly, it took Alaska longer to comply with the FOIA request than Palin spent in office.

At least there were no crotch pictures.

In other news, have only just gotten started reading the DCC RPG (I’ve spent more time reading about other people reading the DCC RPG than I have spent reading the DCC RPG, which seems as stupid as distributing emails by printing them out and packing them in boxes instead of just, you know, keeping electronic communication electronic instead of punishing all those trees because of an incovenient FOIA request). One of the things I have been reading in a few of the other views on the DCC RPG is things that people don’t like because they are different from ‘regular’ D&D. I hope those ‘differences’ make it through beta and after the test period we get a game that might be even more different than D&D.

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  1. JDJarvis says:

    What's wrong with printouts beyond a delay in printing time and mailing costs? I'm sure they'd rather have people typing in errors and abbreviations should they find something worth complaining about.

    as for DCC, I don't understand folks complaining about different. It better be different. Why the heck bother if it's the same as what was done before by another publisher/developer?

  2. I just like that picture!

  3. I think the world needs an 'Everyone Draw Sarah Palin Day.' The OSR could contribute images of her as Lolth, or the beast coming out of the vagina in LotFP, or her as the big idol with thieves stealing her eyes a la the PHB. This sounds like a job for the goons at Something Awful…!

  4. limpey says:

    What's wrong with printouts beyond a delay in printing time and mailing costs?

    If it were a handful of emails, it wouldn't be a problem… but when you have 25k pages of paper that probably fill a truck (as opposed to less than 2 years of emails in electronic form that could fit on one thumb drive), printing them out and sending them that way is a deliberate waste of paper and time (for both the taxpayer in Alaska since someone had to print all that shit out and box it up and then on the other end where people need to read and handle each sheet of paper). And as far as searching, sorting and reproducing those messages, they will all need to be scanned and OCR'd again just to make them accessible, so, yeah, I'd say its a 'fuck you' like giving your waitress $10.00 all in pennies is a 'fuck you' to the waitress. Sure, technically $10.00 in pennies is still $10.00 but it would be much easier for both of you just to give her paper money. You wouldn't have to go to the bank to get $10.00 in pennies and then load them all into a sack and carry them to the restaurant and then she wouldn't have to count them all to settle the bill.
    Printing out 25k of emails is a method of complying with the letter of the FOIA law while perverting it's intention (transparency in government). It's also just a stupid waste of paper.

  5. Are you sure there are no crotch shots, seems to be the going rate for politicians now. What the f*%K do these people think with their texts and emails. I'm a Republican and this crap makes me angry as hell. It almost as if they are all trying to get us to form one party against all existing parties.

  6. And my biggest issue with DCC, why are you doing this under OGL Goodman?

    You have lots of good ideas, so make an rpg based on Swords and Sorcery lit without D&D.

    Be brave, we will support you.

  7. Kristian says:

    That illustration gives me hope!

  8. Malcadon says:

    Since the media got tired with Bin Laden geting his brains ventilated, it has been a slow news week. I'm just been waiting for real news, like Sarah Palin or Hillary Clinton sending out explicit photos of their dicks.

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