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  1. jasons says:

    Cool stuff as always. This stuff speaks to me, especially those hateful devils in pic #4.

  2. Tim Shorts says:

    Very cool stuff. I really #1. But they are all great.

  3. baronzemo says:

    Great work!

  4. Erin says:

    I really like the icky tentacled cyclopses in #3. Anything particular we should know about them?

  5. Limpey says:

    Anything particular we should know about them?
    The images are from a project that appears to be stillborn (or delayed indefinitely).

    The subjects are (top to bottom), a ghoul (“Sandoval Phook” was the name of a dead PC of mine), a barbarian (proving himself to be resistant to the message of Christian conversion), the third is an illustration of a case in which a loaded .38 is probably not going to save the day… and the 4th is just a bunch of goblin types hanging out and being evil.

  6. Great stuff. Always a pleasure to see your work.

  7. Awesome. My favorites are the ghoul and the hopelessly overrun couple

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