The Stars are Right!

Cthulhu attacks a shipThe People have Spoken!
On my old blog, I had a “what is your favorite apocalypse scenario?” poll, and, out of 48 votes, ‘The Stars are right’ got the most votes (9 votes, or 18%). Coming in 2nd was ‘Nuclear Holocaust’ (8 votes), and, in 3rd place, ‘Zombie Apocalypse’ (7 votes).
All hail our tentacled Overlord!
The Numbers:
Zombie apocalypse: 7 (14%Overpopulation + climate degredation = Soylent Green: 2 (4%)
Nuclear holocaust was good enough for dad; it’s good enough for me!: 8 (16%)
Rapture! (not the Blondie song):0 (0%)
Mayan Calendar says so: 3 (6%)
plague!: 4 (8%)
Triffids / Apes / Sleestaks / etc.: 6 (12%)
Space Invaders: 2 (4%)
enuui and/or market forces: 2 (4%)
Environmental collapse: 1 (2%)
Meteor / Sun goes Nova: 1 (2%)
The Stars are right! The old ones awaken!: 9 (18%)
other (please explain in comments): 3 (6%)

Votes total: 48

3 Comments on “The Stars are Right!”

  1. Tedankhamen says:

    I am heartened by the fact that the rapture got 0%.

  2. Limpey says:

    Tedankhamen said…
    I am heartened by the fact that the rapture got 0%.

    Yeah, I suppose it's funny to me that even the 'zombie apocalypse' seems more credible to me than the rapture. I suppose if the Xians are right I'm going to hell, but, what the fuck, all my friends will be there.

  3. Erin says:

    I was hoping for Triffids, but insanity at the hands of our new Squid Masters could be fun. Wondering what the new Gorton's Fisherman logo will look like…

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