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Still moving into the new blog-thing. Have to make some decisions and have been too busy, so it stays on the back burner for now. I have been trying to crank out some mosaic work for one of my local buyers… plus it is harvest timer here at the farm… and last night my Richard Shaver comic, which I have not touched in weeks, finally got some love. At this rate it should be ready sometime in 2013 (groan).

Recently got a new Fletcher Hanks book — You Shall Die By Your Own Evil Creation — some great weird-ass art in there… I love it. I will eventually have to track down some more of his work — I first ‘met’ Fletcher Hanks’ art through some reprints of “Stardust” and have been digging it ever since.

Will be spending at least part of this weekend at The People’s Art Festival down at The Russel in Detroit — just checking things out and seeing what else is going on.

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  1. gdbackus says:

    That panel is awesome! I'll have to check this out

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