See you in Saint Louie, Screwie!


I’m heading down to Saint Louis on the weekend of the 17th to check in with my father; he has been having a few health problems so I decided to visit.  I’m excited to note that my visit coincides with the opening of the new BWorks building on Menard in Soulard.  BWorks is a not for profit that works with kids, teaching them life skills, helping them build self confidence and giving them mentoring opportunities — they concentrate on teaching kids to repair and refurbish bikes, learn stuff about computers and write and illustrate and publish their own books — bikes, bytes and books!  They hired me to make the mosaic in their entry; the bees are symbolic of their mission.  I am 90% sure I can be there at the ribbon cutting on the 17th; if you are in town, stop by!  Details at


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