Welcome to Carcosa!

A while back I admired the Longmore illustration for LotFP’s ‘Carcosa‘ and promised to post a few illustrations I drew for Carcosa.  There is nothing official about these pictures; I just did them for my own purposes… and they were not made as anything other than to satisfy my own vaguely ‘sword and planet’ illustrations urge… they could just as easily be from Aldeboran or somewhere else.

No children were harmed in order to produce these pictures.

First up: A group of  “Carcossan” adventurers.

The dude who looks like ‘Alley Oop’ has both a pistol he stole from Buck Rogers and a bow and arrows while the other guy has binocular specs.

Note the henchman in goofy helmet bringing up the rear.

Second: Snakelady

Somebody bought the nonexclusive rights to use the ‘snakelady’ for a book that, as far as I know, hasn’t been published yet.

In this situation, I’d choose the pistol over the sword, too.

3rd:  “Gug” attacks and people die.

4th: She’s gonna shoot that flying worm right out of the sky.


5 Comments on “Welcome to Carcosa!”

  1. Geoffrey McKinney says:

    Good stuff! Your drawing that most closely reflects my mental image of Carcosa is the last one of the pistol-packing girl and the flying abomination.

  2. These are great. I especially like the first one. Goofy helmets *and* ray guns!

  3. clawcarver says:

    That is the best damn gug I ever set eyes upon.

  4. Brian says:

    Nice! Thanks for sharing. This may sound weird, but your vision seems to be closer to traditional, Otus-style D&D, I think.

  5. Ed Dove says:

    I think it looks a bit Otusish (Otusy? Otusesque?), too!

    Very fun and different from my own imaginings of Carcosa.

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