XRP Press: Shadowvein Adventures

I recently finished some cover art for new books to be published soon by Expeditious Retreat Press; the mock ups of the covers were released yesterday on the XRP blog.  I don’t know when the books themselves will be released.

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  1. Malcadon says:

    Lazy kids! Back in the 80s, I attended a school were some kids took the time to cut-off some railings over a paved slop, and removed a wooden bench from bottom of the slop. The school tried to repair it, but the kids undid it. The school added a simple concrete speed bump (not a rounded bump, but a sharp-edge mountain bump), but they came back with sledgehammers. After the second speed bump was destroyed, the school just gave up. Those fuckers were determined, and they eventually got their way. These younger skateboarders have too much respect for public property, and they mop around if the city dont *give* them a skate park. 9_9

    Make it or brake it, fools!

    • limpey says:

      One of the ironies is that there are no kids, skaters or otherwise, anywhere near this park. It’s smack in the middle of urban office buildings and upscale restaurants that cater to the b-ness crowd; nothing to attract the younger set… and I don’t think there is any easy way for the skater kids to get there anyway. Are the skaters not coming because of the anti skate measures or are the anti-skate measures totally redundant because there are no skaters?

      The park is really popular with gradeschool field trips, though. There is one sculpture that has a series of metal plates that you can stomp on and it rings different tones of bells and the little kids LOVE that thing — they stomp the hell out of it.

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