2 New Beholders

I’ve had some commissions on the drawing board lately; first up is an illustration of a group of dudes about to get wasted by a beholder, in pen and ink:

This is a pencil sketch I did beforehand.  As you can see, there were some changes (click image to make bigger):

I’m also working on some other stuff, including one of a more gonzo take on the same thing.  This one is probably for my own wall.  Work in progress — please excuse the shitty photo.  Sucks to be Mr. Fighter man who has just gotten his torso erased.  Dwarf is stoned and Wizard is getting his chest blown open with a lightning bolt.  R.I.P.

EDIT: To answer someone’s question, I posted back in May that I was thinking about doing my own version of a picture that was done by the official Wizards of the Coast artists.  The ones done by Wizards featured some of their standard ‘iconic’ characters fighting a beholder.  This one (below) is my version of that picture with my own ‘iconic’ characters including Mr. Dwarf who looks like a garden gnome.

5 Comments on “2 New Beholders”

  1. I like the “fins” on the second beholder. Nice touch.

  2. The b/w one is awesome, and can’t wait to see the colour gonzo one when done 🙂

  3. mikemonaco says:

    I like this! Were the PCs supposed to be based on certain Heritage miniatures? Because I totally have that dwarf and barbarian woman. 😉

    • limpey says:

      MikeMonaco: You are right. All 4 character types plus the beholder were supposed to look like the old lead minis by client request. The ‘beholder’ mini looks less like a floating beach ball with eyestalks and more like a floating flattened oval with stubby little eyes on top (probably to make it easier to cast) but has a really menacing looking mouth and big, insane eye on front.

  4. I love the gonzo treatment, although the twisty cave bits in the B&W version are cool.

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