This has been lurking on my desktop for the past few weeks. I don’t remember where I found it, but I sure do like it.

5 Comments on “Hell”

  1. When I saw the small version, I first thought it was a bookcase. This gives me an idea.

  2. That’s make a cool and interesting bookcase. And, for some reason, looking at it makes me think of my daily commute into central London.

  3. limpey says:

    A book case? I’d love a book case or curio cabinet like that, with little carved guys in flames all over it. My favorite is the devil at the end with a little guy sitting on his lap like some kid visiting Santa Claus in the department store.

  4. Malcadon says:

    First thing that popped in my head after seeing this:

  5. clawcarver says:

    Lucifer on level 4? That’s one tough dungeon.

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