I’ve noticed a lot of great stuff showing up on Tumblr but haven’t gone so far as to sign up for an account. Has anyone else used it? How did it compare to the other social media/self publishing things? I’m relatively satisfied with blogger/wordpress but feel like most things just end up under the same sets of eyes (no offense intended to fellow bloggers) and would like to branch out into a bigger pool of potential contacts.

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  1. kelvingreen says:

    It seems easy to do image-based blogging on Tumblr, although commenting is quite difficult.

  2. scottsz says:

    I tried Tumblr. It's got a lot of porn spammers and Tumblr doesn't seem to mind. It's got a lot of art/photography, so as a marketing device for your work, it's not a bad idea. Make sure you take the time to tag everything.

    Kelvin's correct. You're better off using Disqus than the crude commenting system built into it.

    The social aspect can be incredibly time wasting. If you use it, make sure to put up plenty of pics of your fantastic mosaic work!

  3. I post sketches, illustrations, and 3D images I generate there. It's painless to do as far as interface and such. It's just a place to park images for me so I don't use it to grow a pool of contacts. However people have started 'following' me for whatever reason so I assume that means the images are getting publicly disseminated somehow.

    There is a lot of comment porn spam, but that can get blocked to a degree.

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