Sugar Plum Fairy doesn’t know naughty words…

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I’m currently away from the cave while visiting family.  Always on the hunt for amusement, I came across a story good enough to share: Saint Charles, Missouri, fires ‘Sugar Plum Fairy’ after she uses “bad words” during her drug test.

The background: St. Charles is a town east of St. Louis (my old home town).  Every year the apparently have some Christmas deal in their downtown section where people walk around in costumes like this is some Currier & Ives holiday fantasy, singing carols and encouraging people to buy stuff. One of the ’employees’ was a woman named Laura Coppinger who would wear a ‘sprite’ costume with wings and run around like a sugar addled maniac in order to amuse the kiddies.

However, this year festival employees were all required to submit a drug test, because, well, you know that the good citizens wouldn’t want someone who runs around pretending to be a pixie to get high on her off hours.  Sugar Plum Fairy apparently flushed the toilet during her drug test; she said it was just out of habit… you know, you go, you flush.  City of Saint Charles told her she had to go back to the waiting room and drink a lot more water so she could take the test again.  Sugar plum fairy was frustrated and said some ‘naughty words.’  Sugar plum fairy was fired on the spot.  When asked why, the events coordinator cited the special rule,  “Christmas Characters Don’t Know Naughty Words.”


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  1. Malcadon says:

    Well, supposedly Disney Princesses NEVER get “crabs”. I wounder how that worked out? =P

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