Toot toot! A Special Announcement!

This is now my only blog.  Aldeboran has been shut down. Two blogs were two too many for my pointless pontificating and chest thumping — most of the content could have gone either place and I ended up cross posting a lot of stuff anyway — so to hell with it.

To celebrate the occasion, I dug out one of my favorite bits of medieval marginalia — the butt trumpet!  I especially like the trumpet player’s bored expression.

2 Comments on “Toot toot! A Special Announcement!”

  1. That guy’s like, “Eh, it pays the bills.”

  2. 1d30 says:

    He wishes he had gone to Nipple Bells school instead. Or at least the Scrotum Drum Technical Academy. The dietary requirements for keeping up with a career in Ass Trumpeting are unhealthy and unappetizing.

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