Sympathy for the kids at UC Davis

Given all the pepper-spray cop art floating around the web, I thought I would remind folks that I was into the pepper spray meme before anyone one else.  This is a drawing I did for one of Goodman’s DCC Classics a few years ago (I don’t remember which one):

"Get outta here yah dirty hippie!"

It was from some book where there was a kitchen where this big, ugly, hairy bastard was cooking, and, when you bothered him, he would throw pepper in your face. Once again, I was ahead of my time.  (Note to self:  get with Goodman to do mousepads and T-Shirts and coffee cups so we can cash in on this thing.)

In related news, talking head Megyn Kelly recently opined to Bill O’Rielly that being sprayed in the face with pepper spray was ‘not that bad’ because pepper spray is ‘basically a food product.’   This makes it sound like the campus police were spraying them down with PAM.  I would invite her to take a single habanero pepper and rub it on her hands, then touch her own lips, eyes and nostrils right before doing a broadcast and see how chirpy she can be with even minute amounts of this ‘food product’ on her face.

2 Comments on “Sympathy for the kids at UC Davis”

  1. Zak S says:

    Actually Lewis Carroll was onto the meme even before you

    “I speak severely to my boy,
    I beat him when he sneezes;
    For he can thoroughly enjoy
    The pepper when he pleases!”

  2. James Smith says:

    Maybe you could draw one where the bugbear has an air of being bored and just not giving a fuck about his own casual cruelty.

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