Peppersprayer: ink and china white on paper November 2011

Today is black friday when people go batshit crazy with their shopping.

Last night/this morning, some woman standing in line to buy an x-box at Wal-mart got pissed because other people were jumping ahead of her, so she peppersprayed them.

I’m pretty sure that’s not what Jesus would have wanted.

But, in her honor, I drew this peppersprayer dude based on the campus cop who sprayed down the kids at UC Davis 4 days ago.  I took some liberties… but all artists are liars by nature. My model poses below:

2 Comments on “Peppersprayer”

  1. Pere Ubu says:

    Only point is that the gas mask over his face prevents seeing the pudgy smug impassiveness of the original. Boy, he was just so menaced by those violent protesters, wasn’t he. See the fear. Snerk.

  2. limpey says:

    I love the video — the peppersprayer guy is just strolling back and forth, casually, as if he is spraying dandelions on his lawn.

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