I am back

We are back from our brief cross-country jaunt. The dogs are very happy that we came and busted them out of the klinker last night and are still thanking us. That is the thing I really like about dogs. You do something shitty to them (like lock ’em up in the kennel for a week), and, rather than being mad at you , they apologize to you for what you did to them.

First on the docket was fixing the toilet. It wasn’t as bad as I thought — I noticed before we left that every time you flushed, a little bit of (clean) water seeped out in the joint between the tank and the bowl… luckily, we have 2 bathrooms so we were not reduced to crapping in the yard while I fixed it. About an hour, some mild profanity and half a tub of plumber’s putty later, it seems fixed.

Birthday wishes going out to Joanna Banana and Jabcock — many happy returns.

Finally, I wanted to mention the self identified anti-99% banker douche bag who left a sub 1% tip and a note that said, “Get a real job!” on a +$133.54 lunch bill. I have to say that I’m a bit shocked that he (as a banker) thinks that $1.33 equals 1% of $133.54. Since 1 cent is the smallest US coin, wouldn’t a 1% tip have to be at least $1.34? The US is in a sorry state if a banker does not understand basic math — no wonder everything has gone to shit. I’m guessing there must be a lot of restaurants in his town because if I was the kind of douche who left 1% tips I would never dare visit a given restaurant a second time since my food would doubtlessly then be filled with spit and urine.

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  1. Bogus Gasman says:

    It's one of the basic rules of human existence – don't piss off the people who handle your food.

    I am constantly amazed at the number of people I've run across over the years who don't understand that.

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