DCC Update (spoilers for DCC 66.5!)

According to Goodman Games, the DCC is at the printer right now… and I guess pre-orderers have gotten the full game pdf?  At right is a picture of some proofs on his desk that Goodman posted on his forums.  Let me draw your attention to the picture in B&W in the lower left hand corner, a pic by me from the frontispiece of “The Doom of Savage Kings” DCC 66.5!  I think adventure 66.5 is a special for pre-ordering customers.  Spoiler alert: It shows that one of the ‘mundane’ monsters that players might or might not encounter in the adventure ain’t so mundane after all.  Don’t click to enlarge if you don’t want to know more.

Next to it is the DCC RPG front page by Mullen that is so cool; above it are proofs of the color covers.

Lots of DCC art will drop into my etsy store when this thing hits the store shelves; interested collectors should stay tuned!

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