More DCC Preview art

Now that the DCC game is being devoured by eager pdf readers everywhere, I can share some of the arts I did for it.  This is a 2 page spread in the front of the book (I think it appears on pages 2 or 3; click image to enlarge):

The left hand page, with the army of orcs, goblins, etc., has text on the banners and flags with credits for the writers, illustrators, etc.  On the right hand page, on the big banner, is Goodman’s “Roster of Heroes” (people who play tested and added suggestions I think).  These are 2 really big pen & ink drawings that took FOREVER to do and I really like them, so I don’t know if I can bring myself to put them into the Etsy store.

I am really proud of this spread.  It’s got a “Battle of the 5 Armies” vibe that I am digging.

For more info, go to the source:

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  1. mikemonaco says:

    Very nice. You should add devices to the banners some time so it can stand alone too.

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