I have a new day job + a lot of other stuff going on; I am too busy to post right now.

edit: I have a new job doing writing/analysis for a manufacturer here in the Detroit area.  I’m starting with user policies for mobile devices.  In my more smart-alecky moments, I imagine myself writing things like, “If your job requires a smart phone, don’t do bad things with it that will screw up your job and get the company in trouble.  Don’t use a pay-per-use service or use up minutes on your phone or other device when you have other options that don’t cost money, like talking to the guy next to you instead of texting him.  Don’t throw your cell phone out the window or we might make you pay for it…“. I know that stating the obvious, like “Don’t set yourself on fire,” does not seem like helpful advice, but at a previous employer we had a group of employees who would do things like go out to their cars in the parking lot and take naps while ‘on the clock’ and when their supervisor confronted them with this, saying “You can’t do that,” they countered with, “Well, you never said we couldn’t so I assumed we could.”  And it worked for them, at least for a while


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    Too busy to comment, but if I had time I’d say congrats!

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