Updates from the normal life (warning: boring)

Not my actual workplace. The plant is a nice touch.

Yesterday (or the day before?) I posted, “Too busy to post right now.” Which is completely stupid… since I obviously had enough time to log into blogger and post that I was too busy to post.

I started a new job last Wednesday.  This has caused brain overload and time management issues.  The job requires about an hour’s commute each direction and is in an office, so I have to look nice and be nice.  I am currently trying to help rewrite user policies for cellphone/wireless devices that the employees/contractors of a manufacturer use in the course of their work.  In these documents, we need to tell them things that most people should know (like “Don’t use your device to %^&$ up the company, don’t text while driving, don’t use pay-for-use services if you don’t have to, yes, you can use the cellphone to call your family, but remember that it isn’t really YOUR cellphone and the company will bill you for non-work related charges,” etc.). I have to write these things but make them sound nice and not snotty. Most of it seems to be what most of us would describe as ‘common sense stuff,’ but if my past experience is an indicator, there is always someone in every workplace who will take the fact that there is no rule specifically prohibiting a really bad behavior as an invitation to engage in it.  So, yeah, there will always be someone who will explain to HR, “I ate my co-worker because there was no policy in my employee handbook telling me that cannibalism was not permitted…”

The job provides a much needed cash infusion but interferes with things that are important to me, like sleeping late or being slovenly.

4 Comments on “Updates from the normal life (warning: boring)”

  1. ClawCarver says:

    I don't believe that's a real workplace at all. I've never worked anywhere where the spare copier paper was kept helpfully right next to the copier. It should be in a locked cabinet under the plant.

  2. Limpey says:

    Yes. And the key to the copier is held by an unhappy person who has never known love and demands to know why you are bothering him/her/it when you say you need some paper.

  3. Heh, as a IT Security Manager, I spend most of my time writing these policies and then going about enforcing them. It is amazing how many people will say things like “I never saw any rule that said looking at porn on my work computer would be a problem so I thought it would be OK”.

  4. Limpey says:

    “I never saw any rule that said looking at porn on my work computer would be a problem so I thought it would be OK”.
    I wonder if they really think that way… or are they just testing the limits?

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