A portrait of the artist as a sullen looking man

I was asked to provide a recent picture of me AND a recent picture of my studio, or, if possible, a recent picture of me in my studio… and this is the trifecta — me, in my studio and I am drawing. It isn’t flattering or interesting, but is is at least recent:

This is pretty much what I look like when I am drawing — dirty hoodie, dour expression, bad posture and bags under the eyes. The studio isn’t that interesting to look at — books and stuff on shelves, the drawing table at a modest angle so that the bottle of ink does not end up in my lap and ugly wood panelling on my basement wall. The drawing I am working on is actually FOR the article that this photo will be published in. The other drawing is from a recent comission. I ought to put it away before I spill something on it.

3 Comments on “A portrait of the artist as a sullen looking man”

  1. groovy, man.

  2. Cool. Nice to finally put face to name 🙂

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